SKF Low Weight Hub Bearing Unit improves fuel effciency and reduces CO2 emissions


SKF announced that the Nomad SKF Low Weight HBU has been qualified into the BeyondZero Portfolio. It has been calculated that a light ?сланд?я! commercial vehicle with four SKF Low Weight Hub Bearing Units reduces CO2 by 0.25g CO2 per km. When based Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys on an annual mileage of 14,500km, the saving is 3.6 kg CO2 per year. This equates to a reduction of 3600 tonnes of CO2 per year if one million cars were equipped with the SKF solution.

“SKF Automotive has been dedicated to helping automotive OEMs reduce the emissions from automobiles for years,” says Aurelio Nervo, Director SKF Automotive, Car Chassis. “The SKF Low Weight Hub Bearing Unit is yet another innovative product that contributes to reduced CO2 and fuel consumption savings, without compromising the performance requirements.”


The SKF Low Weight HBU is a flanged hub bearing unit that, by combining steel with aluminium, weighs up to 30% less than a standard HBU, and thus contributes to significant weight reduction in automotive wheel ends.

In premium cars, weight can be reduced by wholesale NFL jerseys 1kg per axle and in light commercial vehicles, Постоянные each axle can be lightened by 3.5kg. These reductions in weight improve fuel economy, which ultimately results in the lowered CO2 emission.

The SKF Low Weight Hub Bearing Unit is mainly will for new wholesale jerseys car designs, but in wholesale MLB jerseys limited cases retrofitting with existing hub bearing wholesale MLB jerseys unit solutions can be done.

Gothenburg, 08 May 2012

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